About Liu Ling

Artist Bio

Liu Ling was born in Dalian, China, and relocated to Singapore in 2002. She graduated from Temasek Polytechnic and NUS, majoring in Computing. Before attending Art Is Gallery & Artist Studio in 2014, Liu Ling had little formal education in art, since then she has improved her craft dramatically. She's currently working as a freelance web designer with the aim to be a fulltime artist.

Artist Statement

Inspired by the beauty and mystery of nature, especially the complexity of humans, Liu Ling strives to capture life in the subject and create an intimate contact with it. The intangible touch allows one to embrace reality and at the same time observe it. Each artwork is a medatitive effort to understand the outside world and reconstruct the inner world.

To her, art is an exploration of knowing oneself, overcoming it, and going beyond. It is an process of learning, both rigorous and enlightening. Learn not to run away from blank paper. Learn to dance with mistakes. Learn to make use of emotion but not to be consumed by it. Learn to put aside one's ego and learn to listen. Learn to grow stronger. Learn to make peace with oneself and the world. Learn to be real again.

Awards & Publications

Drawing Magazine (Spring 2017)
2016 Shades of Gray Competition Winners - Honorable Mention
Featured artwork: Xiao Fang


26 May - 26 Jul 2016
Art Is group exhibition "Pure Days : Art & Life" at SPRMRKT.

17 - 18 Oct 2015
Solo exhibition "Faces of Writers" at Booktique Where Writers Shop.