Charcoal is my makeup. Paper is my skin
Face after face, who have I been?
Future may not come. Past is in dust bin
Befriend this moment. Peace comes from within

A Lazy Morning

A morning long queue declared a holiday
A warm drink cured Cold Soul Syndrome
An old song flew my thoughts far away
Meow –
A straying cat led me the way back home

At Home

Thoughts cease to roam
Longings dissolve like foam
Under the night sky dome
Suddenly I feel at home

One More Time

Yesterday I was still not the person that I want to be
Today let me try one more time and see –
That it’s not that important to agree or disagree
That many drastic fights are blind fleas
That sunshine, rain and wind make a strong tree
That there are more open doors than lost keys

Expensive as a diamond or cheap as a pea
Mistakes is the price of life’s tuition fee
How to pour a burning brain some iced tea
How to turn tears and fears into joyous glee
How to swim alone and together in an open sea
(You don’t have to drown to be set free)
How further can I go beyond the little ME

Nothing to regret, nowhere to flee
Now let me try one more time and see

Good Morning

Good morning, World
Thanks for the sunshine unfurled
Time to get my mind uncurled
And test how far I can be hurled

An Invitation

Night is not Darkness’ invasion
but a patient pending invitation
waiting for Light to stop hesitation
and together to balance nature’s equation

It Is Such a Big World

It is such a big world
That gives birth to both lovers and haters
Destroyers and creators
Bunnies and alligators

It is such a big world
A maze where you constantly lose your way
A charnel ground where bodies die and decay
An amusement park if you don’t forget how to play

It is such a big world
If all the fears and lies are hurled
And all the truth and beauty are unfurled
Every tiny one inside this big world
Can be such a big world