An Invitation

Night is not Darkness’ invasion
but a patient pending invitation
waiting for Light to stop hesitation
and together to balance nature’s equation

It Is Such a Big World

It is such a big world
That gives birth to both lovers and haters
Destroyers and creators
Bunnies and alligators

It is such a big world
A maze where you constantly lose your way
A charnel ground where bodies die and decay
An amusement park if you don’t forget how to play

It is such a big world
If all the fears and lies are hurled
And all the truth and beauty are unfurled
Every tiny one inside this big world
Can be such a big world


Louder louder
Keep the happy bell ringing
Because tighter tighter
The dying monster is clinging
Liar liar
Believe not ego’s whining
Faster Faster
Evolve into a joyful being


If a bomb is destined to go berserk
May it turn into a firework
Annihilation leads to a dead end
Creation is a vigorous friend
It’s easier to explode and destroy
It’s better to bring light and joy