Charcoal/Pastel Drawing

Below are some of my current best drawings using dry media. Besides my interests in drawing faces and drawing eyes, I am also attracted by still life drawing and nature drawing. Other than a realism artist, I guess I can also call myself a portrait artist, as, in a sense, I tend to treat every object as a life form of nature, same as every human.

Most black and white drawings are created with charcoal, except one oil pastel painting. Colored artworks are made with colored charcoal and/or pastel drawings. Regardless of medium, my aim is to achieve photo-realistic and hyper-realistic drawings.

Most art are for sale and there are fine art prints available for purchase from Art Is in Singapore.

I'm open for drawing commissions, especially of child portrait, family portrait, animal portrait and nature drawings. If you have any inquiries about my artworks or art comissions, don't hesitate to contact me.